Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar

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Tanya Burr's 12 Sweet Days Calendar features 12 beauty treats to help you shimmer and shine!

With 12 treats, you can start one the first and open a door every other day, or start in the middle of the month, whatever this choice you're sure to have fun and look beautiful with the help of this calendar and its contents each morning!

Spoilers Ahead!!!! Read no further if you want the contents to be a surprise!!!

Included Are -

Eyeshadow Shimmer Pot - Let it Snow (Silver)
Eyeshadow Shimmer Pot - Midnight Magic (Gold)
Glitter Liner - Gold
Glitter Liner - Silver
Lip Gloss - Berry Fudge
Lip Gloss - Ice Queen
Lip Gloss - Pink Fondant
Mini Mirror
Mini Nail File
Nail Polish - Festive Red
Nail Polish - Glitter Frosting
Nail Polish - Pink Caramel

Each item is Paraben-Free


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