Paraben-Free Policy

As a company, our mission is to give the best customer experience possible.  We want to be kind to the world and our customers' wellbeing too!  As a result we have a set of policies and goals in place - making us unique amongst most beauty retailers.

Parabens - 2017 Goal Met!
In 2017, we worked hard on phasing out any paraben-containing items, and by the start of January 2018 this goal had been achieved!
We now only stock paraben-free products so you have a shopping haven where you can safely purchase without worry or having to check ingredients :) 

Animal-Cruelty - 2018 Goal
We also take a firm stance against animal cruelty and will no longer stock products by brands who test on animals - any brands we have on-line at the moment who do are being phased out.

Many brands are not clear in their policies (it's not something they want to openly state), and we are working to find out more.
At the moment any product we know for sure is cruelty-free will have a statement such as this in its description -

💞Animal Cruelty-Free💞

3-Free and 5-Free Nail Polish - Another 2018 Goal
We are also extending our more clean and free-from policy to nail products, with the aim of only stocking 3-Free, and 5-Free nail products.  At the moment, more than 90% of our nail stock meets that target!

We are ever more conscious of Vegan products too, and aim to have a wider variety of items that are vegan-friendly (this is tricky for us with some of our most popular items being lip balms that contain beeswax etc.).  Any item that is Vegan will mention it in the description, or have this - Ⓥ - symbol.

Products We Will Be Discontinuing/Discontinued Brands
These items, or products by these brands, are already, or are currently being, phased out throughout the year -

Already Discontinued

CoverGirl Products

Kenra Volumizing Conditioner - Contains parabens; we still continue to stock the shampoo which does not

L'Oreal - Currently being phased-out with only a small amount of stock remaining

Revlon - All products by this brand will no longer be sold due to their testing on animals

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Heart Highlighter - Contains parabens

Nyx Matte Bronzer, and Nyx Jumbo Eyeliner Pencils - Contain parabens

Victoria's Secret - Tests products on animals

Zoella Body Fondant - Contains parabens

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy - Contains parabens

So far we no longer stock any CoverGirl, Makeup Revolution, or Victoria's Secret items.

If you need any additional information on ingredients, and whether items are cruelty-free, or Vegan-Friendly, please get in touch and we'll get back to you :)