Real Techniques Limited Edition Bright Eyed and Merry Gift Set

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From perfectly smoked out looks to on-point cut creases, get a whole range of insta-worthy eyeshadow looks with Real Technique's Bright Eyed and Merry Gift Set.

Featuring four different black and pink brushes, including one brand new style!

The brushes in the set are -
Shading Brush

Designed with short, dense bristles for maximum colour pick up and distribution

Crease Prep Brush

Cut with dense angled bristles to lay down the best base for your perfect cut crease

Defining Crease Brush

With long, fluffy bristles to get right into your eye crease for great defintion

Large Smudge Brush

With densely-packed bristles to smudge and blend together all over your eyelids

Synthetic Bristles