Snow Angel - Wax Kit Refill

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*Due to high demand we are currently sold out of the Wax Kits but there is some availability for the refill kits*

Banish unwanted hairs with these bright white ice cream-scented wax pellets that are enchanted with the power to give super smooth results - no strips needed!  Just apply, then peel off.
The Snow Angel range is all paraben-free, gluten-free, animal-cruelty free.

Snow Plume Pre-Wax Prep
Sprinkle this lightly over the areas you want to wax.

Use the soft cotton wipes from the "Perfect 10" prep kit or just your fingers to gently rub the Snow Plume powder to a fine film on the skin.

With your wax melted and at a safe temperature, take a spatula from the kit to apply your Snow Drop Wax.

Once your wax is peeled away, smooth on some Snow Angel Sweep It Away After Wax which will cool and soothe the area.

The Snow Angel Refil Kit includes
200g Snow Drop Wax
30ml Snow Plum Pre-Wax
30ml Sweep It Away After-Wax Lotion
Perfect 10 Prep Kit

The refill kit features minimal packaging